Datakom Dealer in Pakistan


We Would like to inform our loyal customer that Energy And Power Solutions Company is the only and Sole Datakom Dealer in Pakistan since 2017 of all the Datakom Products. 

Except Energy And Power Solutions Company ( ENPSC) all the other who use to claim the DATAKOM DEALER in Pakistan are Totally Fake and we do not have any kind of responsibility in case customer will not get the original products from any other supplier. 

ENPSC having the head office in Lahore can only provide you the original and Genuine Product of DATAKOM in Pakistan.

There are many other companies which are either manufacturing locally in Pakistan or they are importing from China will not be able to Provide you the Warranty due to fake and non genuine product selling of DATAKOM in Pakistan.

100 % Genuine DATAKOM Turkey Products

ENPSC used to maintain the stock level at Lahore Office by importing direct from Turkey. 

For Customer Satisfaction that they are going to purchase the original Product of Datakom , ENPCS can show the import documents to their customer .

Which all the other fake supplier in the market used to claim the dealer will not be able to show the documents of products imported directly from Turkey DATAKOM INC. 

Datakom INC Turkey never appoint 2 dealers in a same country. So its better to purchase a genuine Product rather purchasing it from Fake Supplier and Service fake service Providers 

Datakom Dealear in Pakistan

Warranty of DATAKOM Product only by ENPSC

Warranty of any equipment is very much important part now a global business activity. You need to be assure that you are purchasing the original and genuine product from the Datakom Dealer in Pakistan and also you need to be assure that warranty will remain Valid which is provided by the Manufacture. Same is the case of DATAKOM product in Pakistan , We have supplied to many customer and we provide the warranty claim without any debate just because of the Principal which is behind ENPSC. 

The Fake supplier cannot provide you the warranty of Datakom Products. In addition to this if in case there is any manufacturing fault occur ENPSC immediately provide the new equipment (* If Ex Stock Available) which cannot be provide to you by the fake supplier in Pakistan. 

In case the Product is not available in our Stock then you order ENPSC , we will import the product and will deliver at your door step. The delivery time for non stock items is 18 ~ 25 Days 

The Fake Supplier and claimer in Pakistan will not be able to satisfied the customer in warranty matters. 

DATAKOM Dealer in Pakistan Certificate

In addition to this we would like to give you two things which distinguished ENPSC from other fake supplier of service provider of DATAKOM in Pakistan . 

  • The First and best Proof of the Datakom Dealer in Pakistan is our DATAKOM Certificate which you can view/ download from the below . 
  • And the 2nd one is that customer can ask / call  / email to DATAKOM Turkey to check who is the real and original dealer in Pakistan which link has also being shared as  

DATAKOM Turkey Main Website


Please note that DATAKOM Tukey sell the original product with Serial Number which will be pasted once sold by ENPSC to the customer. This serial number will be required in case of any warranty issues or services. 

Customer can get the services from ENPSC for the installation of all DATAKOM equipment in Pakistan.  This will also make customer remain safe to avoid any mishap happened during the installation or warranty issue in case customer or any other company installed the equipment.