D-700 Advanced Genset Synchronization Controller

D-700 Advanced Genset Synchronization Controller


Tailored for the most demanding applications, the D-700 provides synchronization, load share, mains synchronization, soft transfer, AMF, ATS, Remote Start, Engine control and remote display panel functionalities in a single unit.

Easy commissioning is achieved with the automatic learning feature, a first in the industry.

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D-700 Advanced Genset Synchronization Controller


Unequalled communication capabilities allow integration to virtually any management system.

The multi-functionality of the unit allows it to be a genset or mains synchronizer, even a parallel to mains controller with soft transfer in both directions.

Software features are complete with easy firmware upgrade through USB port.

The Windows based PC software allows monitoring and programming through USB, RS-485, RS-232, Ethernet and GPRS.

The Rainbow Scada web service allows monitoring and control of an unlimited number of gensets from a single central location.

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