Rental Power Generation Equipment

Rental Diesel Generator Fleet

Rental Power Generation Equipment

Energy And Power Solutions Company is pleased to announced that we are offer Rental Power Generation Equipment on Rental Basis. 

As for as Diesel Generator Fleet is concern we are offering starting from lowest rating 10 KVA to 2500 KVA Rental Diesel Generator with very competitive prices .  You need to pay attention to you production line rather getting indulge of maintaining the Power Generation Unit.  Our Rental Diesel Generator Deal Include complete operation and maintenance in our rental charges . You just need to pay monthly rental charges and enjoy the trouble free electric power at your premises 

Rental Gas Generator Fleet

This is the section where “Energy And Power Solutions Company “ is at its best. 

We are specialized in Gas Power Generation and we are pleased to inform you that we are offering Gas Power Generation Unit to our loyal customer for short and long term deal. Its better to go for rental gas engine deal rather to purchase , which not only involve your huge finance but also limit your bank credit limits. 

To get the optimal solution with best fuel consumption and per unit cost , you are recommended to out source the power generation unit. The offering Units Starts from 500 KVA till 3000 KVA 

The complete operation and maintenance will be our responsibility and customer has pay the rental and fuel charges as per actual bill. 

Power House Operation And Maintenance

Are you worried for the operation and Maintenance Cost of your power House.  

Hire Energy And Power Solutions Company and get the trouble free operation of your own equipment. 

Our Certified and train Staff with complete 24X7 Back up support enable your power house to run at maximum output. 

The operation and maintenance will be done in accordance with the manufacture recommendation by our professional engineer. 

You will get the maximum output with lesser cost involve which in resultant give you ease in improving you bread and butter business. Your equipment will be in safe hand and this will also decrease your equipment depreciation cost.