Battery Chargers Datakom Turkey BC-245-M 24V/5Amp


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  • Very high efficiency, up to 91.6% (see charts)
  • Wide operating voltage range (170-305VAC)
  • Reverse battery connection protected
  • LED status indicator
  • Low power consumption at no-load mode
  • Green mode operation
  • Output short circuit and overload protection
  • High temperature protection
  • 2 stage charging for continuous connection
  • Rectifier fail output
  • Analog 0-5V current measuring output
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Low output ripple & noise
  • Low line and load regulations
  • Small dimensions
  • Low weight

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BC-245-M Batt. Charger Metallic case, 5Amp, 24V, 220-240V, 2 stage, Hi Efficiency, Reverse Battery Protection



BC-245-M series are state of the art battery chargers featuring very high efficiency and low cost in a compact metallic casing. Chargers are designed to withstand high levels of disturbances found in the harsh automotive environment. Chargers are practically impossible to destroy, having overload, short circuit, high temperature and reverse battery protections. The overload protection is current limiting type, not hiccup. Hiccup protected chargers will turn-off in case of overload and will be incapable of charging an empty battery with their rated current. In case of a short circuit or overload condition, the BC-245-M charger does not shut-off, and delivers simply the rated current, allowing a full-speed charge of an empty battery. In case of overheating, the charger will automatically reduce its output current and continue normal operation.


BC-245-M chargers have 170-305V input voltage range, enabling the use in most countries with nominal voltages ranging from 220VAC to 277VAC. The nominal output is fully available at all 170-305VAC range without derating. Chargers offer green mode of operation. The green mode consists on reducing the operating frequency when the load decreases. Thus, chargers reduce their losses helping protection of the environment. At very small loads, they enter into a burst mode to reduce the consumption further. Chargers feature very low power consumption at no-load mode, helping again the protection of the environment. The peak efficiency of chargers exceeds 91.5%, resulting in lower long-term operational costs. As an example, compared to a 24V/5A charger of 85% efficiency, with 30% average load and 20 years of operational life, BC-245-M will consume 600 kW-hour less electrical energy. This leads approximately to 60 USD less energy expense per charger. The rectifier fail output is capable of driving a relay or transmitting the operational status to a control module which will give an alarm in case of failure.





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